• It was the first time that I could smile and ment it...
    ...Yet at the same time, it was the last time that we ever saw each other
    ...Every day I wait here, Whether it rains or shines.
    When your with me everything is okay.
    It's warm and safe.
    Everyone has a smile on their face.

    I never did anything for anyone.
    Nobody had ever been important to me before,
    I can't bear to be without him...

    Just as every symphony has an end,
    Could I too?
    Disappear from the audience with a smile on my face when the show has finaly done?
    The closer I come to your apartment,
    The harder my heart beats.
    I was happy here...
    ...But when I saw her standing there...
    ...I knew something was terribly wrong.
    I had never thought as myself lonely,
    Even though I was...
    But without you,
    It was clear now how AB abandoned I feel.
    Was it your revenge because I refused to come back to you?
    Couldn't you have waited for me to grow up alittle?
    Couldn't you have waited for my to come to me senses?
    Because I never said it to you.

    I never said it to anyone...
    But I should have said it to you.
    Because it was how I felt, how I still feel.
    In spite of this betrayal.

    In the end you were the light in my darkness,
    My only way forwards,
    Wherever you are now,
    I want you to know...
    ...I love you too....