• You're watching me from every window
    I never look but know you're there
    I pull the curtains in the way but
    Still I feel your horrid stare

    I never turn around because
    I'm scared to meet your face
    To share your air and lose my breath
    give in to your embrace

    I'm scared to death by these four walls
    they cage me in a helpless dream
    I tell myself it's all in my head
    But cannot help but always scream

    Your presence makes me panic
    and I jump at every sound
    I tell myself it's just imagination
    but I know you're still around

    I scream until I faint in this torment
    I know you see me and I know you wait
    I try to catch my breath in between
    but it's poisoned by your airless weight

    I don't dare to go and I don't dare to stay
    How long till this panic will go away
    I'm scared to insomnia unable to find
    That you're only a ghost made up in my mind

    - Amien