• It’s so bright.
    Brilliance, blinding us all.
    We take our time,
    Soaring slowly, steadily,
    Flying over Heaven’s floor.

    We must live pretty low,
    Living under Heaven’s floor.
    This vast expanse of blue, we see,
    Looking up from below,
    Is something we should try to learn from,
    As part of Heaven’s floor.

    Our persona is our sky.
    And such is most beautiful
    When clear and full of sun.
    Don’t we all want, in our lives,
    A bit of Heaven’s floor?

    All in our lives will change with the clouds.
    Wind and rain will naturally come.
    Sometimes no one around us, just flying by,
    Can see through Heaven’s floor.
    But like nature our storms always clear in the end:
    A broom on Heaven’s floor;
    From dull and bleak to bright and clear...
    Brilliance, blinding them all.
    So just take your time.
    Wait patiently for Heaven’s floor.

    I wonder if, e’re, someone thought to compare,
    Our vacillating sky,
    To the unchanged divine above…
    An odd contradiction, that,
    Heaven and Heaven’s floor.

    ~Jacinda ♥♪