• I have created it.
    A monster to destroy my enemy's.
    But is it what I want?
    Of course it is, I have waited for this day for many a year.
    What will happen when I have won?
    When humanity has lost the war I have tried so hard to create?
    Will I be truely happy?
    Probably not, but my life is nothing and will be nothing whether I do this or not.
    Happiness is but a word.
    Is it truely a being?
    No, but who can say differently.
    I shall rot here with no one.
    All I have is my experiments.
    What will happen if I died here now?
    Would humanity live for hundreds of years?
    Or will someone release my monster.
    The monstrocity I have made to destroy everything I cared for.
    Although I have not been cared for.
    I cared for all of them.
    What do I get for the caring and affection?
    I get a slit across the throat.
    To release this creation.
    I must release myself.
    But I must mail this note to the one I cared and loved the most.
    She will see what they have done.
    As I lie here now.
    Blood seeping out.
    No one to care.
    I think if it was the right choice.
    I will live beyond this time.
    My soul will forever be trapped here.
    And they have themselves to blame.
    As I pass on I lie my body in a cross formation.
    To show no matter what time.
    God will always be there to show them their faults.