• From Johto to Hoenn to Kanto and more
    She's the one trainer whom they all adore.

    Sabrina and Jasmine, Whitney and Claire
    None of them can match her sparkling flair.

    Her name is Hikari, and you'd best not forget
    Or else she will filll you with pain and regret

    You'd trade all your badges for just one chance
    For her to offer up that alluring glance

    Her scent is more sweet than that of Budew
    Our hearts like Pokeballs, she tosses them too

    Like a Starmie's core she shines so bright
    Like an Ampharos tail in a pitch black night

    Like diamond dust falling from the sky
    Like an Altaria's grace flying so high.

    Hikari, Hikari, we treasure you so
    Our beautiful maiden of the white snow

    She's all the rage on the SS Anne
    Fresh with a fierce new battle plan

    Fisherman Ralph would just like to say
    "Hikari can be my lure any ol' day."

    Brighter than the HM for Flash
    Every guy with her wants to mash

    The queen of the contests from cute to tough
    She makes the other co-ordintors cry "Enough~"

    Back off Team Rocket, don't be so crass
    This Battle Beauty will kick your a**.

    Like the treasure inside a Delibirds sack
    Like the radiance of a Ho-oh's attack

    Like the smile on a Togepi's face
    Like a Clefairy just landed from space

    Hikari, Hikari, we treasure you so
    Our beautiful maiden of the white snow

    No rival trainer has she in all the land
    They all want to offer her their helping hand

    Cooltrainers, pshaw they're nothing cool
    Hikari's fashion makes them look the fool

    There is no tower that she cannot climb
    She'll reach the top in half the time

    Silphco, Devon and all the rest
    As an employee say she is best.

    Arceus gave the world a special treat
    In making Hikari for us all to meet

    Like the glimmer of a Milotics scales
    Like the plush soft fur of Vulpix tails.

    Like a wish from Jirachi granted so true
    Like the movepool of the beloved Mew

    Hikari, Hikari, we love you so
    Our beautiful maiden of the white snow