• People think I'm different,
    People think I'm strange.
    Many people fear me,
    Many people are the same.
    I tell them not to fear,
    I tell them not to fret.
    Yet strangely I'm not as strange as they get.
    I've spent time in silence,
    That time never lasted long.
    The cries,
    The screams,
    I cover my ears and still hear it all.
    I'm blinded by things I see.
    The pain,
    The people dying.
    I've closed my eyes many times,
    I still see everything.
    I feel the pain of everyone around.
    The joy gone from their lives,
    Their true loves killed in wars,
    Their children in fear that they're next.
    I see everything around me.
    I hear it all too clear.
    Now my only fear,
    Is that death is very near.