• The wind blows, I hear you
    deep in the night, I swear I can see you
    but alas you are not there
    for alas I am in the Dark
    The Dark blinds me
    will you be my Light
    do I see you
    do you see me
    and here I cry, a silver tear
    though I know, it's for you not being here
    I hear your heart
    I know you live
    come to me
    be my Light
    The Dark surrounds me
    I hear not but faint words
    echoes of voices I've never heard
    I long for you to hold me close
    a dream I hope for but won't stay afloat
    without you I am lost at sea
    waiting for you, find me
    my perfect island , my heaven my hell
    words not far for you to impair
    here I am on a dark open sea
    I hear your voice, it calls for me
    you aren't there, but be my Light
    guard me till I'm out of sight
    and when I fall stay close to me
    be my Light, forever with me
    protect me from a silent night
    the Dark will look for me
    -Damien Oak.