• There was a person, at a time, that my mother could be happy with.
    This person, along with my sister and I, was her world.
    Though this person has left us, he is still here.
    He is someone not easily forgotten because he was someone close.
    He always was.

    This man, who my mother dearly loved, is someone who went though a lot.
    He could barely talk, or walk for that matter, but he was a wonderful person.
    This person, when he could drive a vehicle or get a job, spent time with my sister and I.
    Together, we all laughed and had fun.
    And though I barely remember the sound of his voice, the one he had before he could barely speak, I know of the times when he made me laugh.

    This person helped me realize what true love was like while he was with my mom.
    Though, I doubt he knew it.
    I wish he could still be here with my mother, but he cant' physically.
    In our hearts, though, he can.
    He may not have been my real father, and I did object at first, but he was still family.
    And I will love him.