• There is a special language
    That we all can understand
    There is no need to speak it
    Or to sign it with your hand
    Everyone upon this earth
    And regardless of their race
    Will recognise each letter
    And so put them in their place

    This language, it can speak a truth
    That is far beyond compare
    With no lies or double meaning
    Or any innuendos there
    It teaches us the ways of life
    From the cradle to the grave
    And gives us strength to face up to
    Lifes biggest tidal wave

    This language reaches deep inside
    Our heart and spirit too
    It gives a reason to believe
    For me, as well as you
    Come joyous times, with happy days
    Or when life, it hurts us so
    This language, it will see us through
    More than you will ever know

    You can speak it from within your heart
    So everyone can hear
    The message will be understood
    From far away and near
    You can hear it on the gentle breeze
    As it blows from high above
    A universal language
    It's the language of true love

    (Please do not steal my work and not give me credit, even others work.)