• -Father-

    You may think I don't care, but in reality I really do
    It may seem like I hate you but I don't
    I take you for granted when I shouldn't
    When I need you, your right there keeping me strong and flying
    You are the wind beneath my wings
    You tought me everything to know in this world
    You fed me, clothed me, and changed me
    Even though I'm a total black sheep, you well never give up on me
    People don't get many miricals or believe in Guarding Angels when they should
    Only for the simple fact that you are living proof of both
    You protect your kin and always over come heart problems
    That must be where I get my strength to fight them myself
    The only thing I'll ever admit to is the fear of loosing you
    Your my source of strength, my inspiration, protection, and your my rock
    I couldn't have been more blessed by God than with him giving me the best father in the world
    I couldn't thank you enough for all you've done for me
    I don't know what I'd do without you
    I love you dad, no matter how many fights we get into

    By: Katrina L.