• She sat there all alone,
    Crying all alone on the cold stone floor.

    He could hear the damage he'd done,
    To this pure white angel.

    "These are the cries of an angel?" He thought to himself.
    Her Angelic crystal tears were ignored,
    By the one she loved.

    The one she adored.
    He really hated her and used her,
    For his own benefit.

    How could he break her fragil heart?
    Because he doesn't care.

    She cries and cries but nobody'll listen,
    This is because the selfish prince will not allow them to.

    But she has had enough.
    She's tired of crying.
    She's outta tears.

    She runs away from the dark castle toward the Heavens.
    Her tears making a trail.

    But this never happened.
    In the end, all he did was look at her,
    And see her hurt.
    But in the end all he did was close the door