• I've dug myself a Perfect Grave,
    a place where I can lay;
    close my eyes and waste away.
    This is my "Perfect Grave"....
    This so called "Perfect Grave", per say,
    I made it for myself one day.
    Now I lay and cry in pain,
    inside this Perfect Grave.
    I wish that I could make it fade,
    a figment of the day.
    But all along I try and say,
    "Someone help me out today."
    Please, I beg you night and day,
    do not go away.
    I'm stuck inside my "Perfect Grave",
    and I am here to stay.
    The perfect world outside my Grave,
    it's all just black and gray.
    So much pain I feel today,
    I think I want to stay.
    I made myself a "Perfect Grave",
    to die and waste away.....