• You laugh when I make a joke,
    You hold me when I need it most.
    You kiss me when I have to leave.
    In this relation ship there is something there's not meant to be.

    It's like a barrier,
    A wall or a giant fog.
    I'm loosing you slowly,
    You're fading away along with everything else.

    My heart can't make up it's mind.
    It wants you here and loves you,
    But it wants to leave...to love no more.

    Love is a complicated word.
    It means you want to be with a person no matter what.
    People use it as if love was less,
    It's not....

    I can't say I love you.
    I can't tell you how I feel.
    But I can say,
    I want you to be mine and no one else's,
    To have and to hold for better or for worse.

    My heart is disagreeing,
    "No, leave, we don't want you here."
    My soul wants nothing more than to be with you,
    "Yes, stay, don't leave."

    My eyes look at you every day,
    What a great guy.
    My eyes are blurry now,
    I'm trying not to cry.

    I wish I could tell you this,
    In words that aren't so simple.
    But every time I see you,
    I fall in love again.