• Maybe I am fallen
    maybe i am fragile
    but im strong enough
    I can make life unlivable
    I am everything you should fret about
    I can haunt your dreams
    turn them malice in blunderland
    you wont wake simply because you cant
    i've got you now b***h
    if life be happy may your heart turn black
    blood run cold ropes of your nerves fray upon the edges
    cyes cradle tears
    tears of poison to blind you
    do you see me through them now?
    or is your pain to intense
    are you afraid? you should be
    can you run? you might want to
    turn on your heel you ******** liar
    wiry black hair
    glass covering your face
    fear engulfed in your heart
    no one can save you now
    and do you know why?
    my contempt over powers your passion
    my hate domineers your love
    my darkness unearthed swallowing your light
    maybe your fallen
    maybe your fragile
    but i have one thing you lack to keep me alive
    one thing that protects my life
    and that is determination
    a rogue passion to see you bleed