• Serendipity!!!!!!!!
    Forever together,
    just you and me,
    Forever apart,
    it just wasn't meant to be.

    You weren't there for me,
    and i didn't realize,
    that it was all a trick,
    just an elaborate disguise.

    You played with my feelings,
    like it was a game,
    little did you know,
    things would never be the same.

    I called you once,
    and messaged you thrice,
    then walked to your house,
    where my heart would pay the price.

    There in your hammock,
    for all the world to see,
    you were kissing a girl,
    a girl that wasn't me.

    I ran home in tears,
    and picked up the phone,
    dialed a friend's number,
    so i wouldn't be alone.

    A few weeks later,
    at lunch one day,
    you walked up to me,
    it was then that you would pay.

    I stood up with confidence,
    my posture straight and tall,
    and slapped you across your face,
    where you stood there in shock and awe.

    I swore I'd get revenge,
    a revenge sugary sweet,
    a return of hurt feelings,
    the next time that we'd meet.

    So the next day,
    when my plan was to unfold,
    a friend of yours walked up to me,
    and this is what he told:

    "I'm sorry he hurt you,
    but I'm not that kind of guy,
    I'm the type who wants only one special girl,
    and i'm the type that wouldn't lie.

    I liked you before,
    and I still do,
    The feelings i feel,
    are only for you.

    I swear it's not a trick,
    because my feelings for you,
    are strong and compassionate,
    I believe it's love true."

    I smiled with tears,
    in my chocolate brown eyes,
    and hugged him tight,
    for i knew those weren't lies.

    I looked at him,
    and he looked at me,
    and I knew this feeling,
    was serendipity! heart