• An empty void enters the soul
    I call out but I hear nothing
    There was once love
    But It is now lost
    A world that no longer knows light
    Darkness has consumed all life
    A lone wolf wanders in the dark
    Searching for the light to drive away the emptiness
    Life goes on still the wolf roams
    A wolf without a pack howls alone
    A faint light can be seen from a distance
    The wolf darts towards it
    Ever faster the wolf runs
    The light still far and faint
    Relentlessly the wolf runs
    The light only keeps getting farther and fainter
    Realizing the wolf stops and so does the light
    Only to disappear consumed by the darkness that now rules
    With despair can there be hope?
    The wolf howls...
    And so he wanders alone in the dark
    Only time will tell
    To Be Continued…