• crying crying crying emo crying
    inside im dying
    killing myself
    never understood
    never undertand
    the people that look down on me

    why cant they hear my silent screams?
    why cant they see my broken dreams?
    why do they treat me so?
    they bruse me
    abuse me

    but they have also made me strong
    i am untoucable
    and unbendable

    i listen to their yells
    and feel their beating
    but what they dont kno
    is that the pain is fleeting
    barly a second
    or hour
    im sorry to say
    i am like this
    because they took my inner fire
    crushed my beutiful flower

    but in thier place they have left
    a block of steel
    hard and cold
    its my protective fold
    my fortress that keeps away pain and despair
    but im afraid to say
    its crumbling
    getting weak at the joints
    letting in anger
    hate and despair
    when can i ever be free
    of the pain that riddles me.
    so im dying
    i dont kno how long ill last
    i might not get to my grduating class