• Theres no poem

    Today I want to share with you,
    A commonly known fact.
    That you took my heart away,
    And I never want it back.

    I want to sing you a kiss,
    I want to dance you a touch.
    I've tryed to write you some love,
    But its just to much.

    Because I can't paint you a moment,
    And I can't sew you a day.
    And trying to write a poem for you...?
    Love, theres just no way.

    "I love you",
    Thats all I can say.
    Would that get boring,
    Day after day?

    They say you can write a poem,
    For the one who's loved by you.
    I'm sorry, love. I realy am,
    But what they say isn't true.