• I cry out, reaching for you,
    Another bad dream,
    Nobody comes,
    Nobody hears my screams,
    Nobody sees my bloody tears,
    But yet he does nothing,
    There will be no one who will do anything,
    To stop the water rushing in my lungs,
    They will ignore my choking,
    My gasping,
    I am drowning,
    Wrenching myself from my watery grave,
    I lurch upwards and fall to the ground,
    I am no longer myself,
    There must be something to ease the pain,
    I smash the glass into my face,
    The blood flowing in my eyes,
    Producing a sick calm,
    But this is in my mind,
    I have no glass to end the feelings,
    So I bash my brain against the wall,
    Over And Over,
    Praying that I will lose consciousness,
    And soon
    No luck,
    Just a migraine,
    But somehow the pain keeps me going,
    There's a knife in the top drawer
    I press it to my palm,
    And watch the blood flow,
    Around the embedded metal,
    No one sees this though,
    No one hears me cry myself to sleep,
    They do not know of my midnight walks,
    Or the way I beat myself when no one is looking,
    They do not hear my cries for help,
    They don't see my pain,
    It's like I'm underwater,
    I'm screaming underwater,
    Oh my god.
    They're watching me drown.