• Brush pass me
    Surf on the highest winds
    And swim through the sky
    Like fish to water.
    Sore with freedom
    Not with doubt
    Cruise above all weakens
    And blast through with strength and power.
    Seek the highest needs
    But meet the needs of nothing
    See fear in peoples eyes
    But feel the love in their hearts.
    Follow the flock
    Or sail alone.
    Speak above all whispers
    Or be a whisper
    Sing the chorus all night
    Or vocalize a new tune
    Hide behind the shadows of the past
    Rather then hiding
    Come out
    And see the gorgeous sky for the future
    See what you've missed
    Instead of being blinded by fear.
    Charm people with the mysteries of music
    Or create a world of wonders for other
    To explore.