• Look...at the sky
    what do u see
    do u see anything at all
    I look up and
    all i see is a gray cloud upon my head
    I look down and i see tears falling rapidly

    [Chorus] Nothing ever comes out right
    There's never the lightIn things,
    that fall apartI had one chance
    That i denied
    And it fell in to pieces
    But why can't they just stay
    where's the replay

    All the pain,
    That never just goes away
    well never that easily
    I just don't understand
    It doesn't turn out right
    oh never turns out right

    I take a step closer
    and i take a step back
    There's something pulling me
    into a trap
    I lay on my bed and stair
    at the ceiling
    Thinking about the feeling if i had you


    All the corners in my mind
    Turn in to empty spaces
    I thought u were the shoe
    and i was the laces
    I thought what was meant to be can
    always find a way
    But how can i ever make u stay

    I look upon the stars
    I shut my eyes and wish upon them
    Every night
    And i wish for you to be apart of the heart
    That beats rapidly when i was close to you
    Then an angel sings i know your close
    But when i had the chance
    I just threw it away

    (Chorus x2)