• So beautiful the words of one
    One so misunderstood
    A beast as seen by all
    Features shrouded beneath a hood
    Hidden away and all alone
    Feeling more pain that anyone should
    He stays this way with hope
    Hope that just one person would
    Would seek him out and see him
    See him as only One could

    Time passes on unmarked and cruel
    Leaving the beast as only a fool
    His hopes fading slowly away
    As he waits so patiently for the day
    The day that One would come and find
    Someone without the human pride
    The pride that made him fear so much
    Fearing most the human touch

    The beast is left to be forgotten
    As the days pass by and leave him behind
    Leave him alone in a death so cold
    As cold as the heart that is left to remind
    To remind the One if they might come
    Of the beast he hoped they would find
    The beast he was that longed for just
    Just to be found by the One so kind...
    The one with the purest of hearts
    To which his own could finally bind.

    But his fear was his weakness
    And through fear the Beast resigned
    Only to miss the One great chance
    Leaving One angel to wait and find
    That her lost lover's heart had left her behind.