• In unavoidable war,
    They who,
    With Ingenious tactics,
    And searing corruption,
    Instill agonizing confusion on all who walk.

    On one side,
    Brilliant Reason,
    Ruling it kingdom with impeccable logic,
    And shaping the land with grand intellect;
    What earthly thing could question its plain facts,
    Or such precise observations?

    The other side,
    Unpredictable Emotion,
    How they twist facts with beautiful lies!
    And Mutate simple truths into unspeakable horrors!
    Like a boulder hitting a peaceful pond,
    They turn perfect calm into frenzied Chaos.

    To and Fro,
    The Giant with its undeniable strength,
    The Soldiers with their awesome efficiency,
    Meet in a body-rocking quarrel.
    Yet, in the end,
    Is the victor,
    By you.