• Twiddledee, twiddledum
    You're the one that makes me run
    Terrididdle, terrilye
    You're the one that makes me cry

    Humpty dumpty sat on a wall
    But in fact he did not fall
    He jumped from the chains instead
    So he would wind up dead

    Ring around the roseys
    A pocket full of poseys
    The panic spread around is
    To fear riger mortis.

    Jack be nimble, Jack be quick
    Jack be beat to death with a stick
    When Little Boy Blue blew on his horn
    He brought angels of death, filled with scorn.

    Just when you thought this fairtytale was through
    The cat and the fiddle came in and slew
    "Hey, Diddlediddle," he cride out to the rest
    Then he lept forward and stabbed him in the breast

    So rock a by baby, until the cradle stops
    Stay hidden up there in the tree tops
    Run away from the beast of nightmare
    But never forget, he will always be there.