• Alice, Alice where are you Alice?
    The hand that touched my soul, oh Alice.
    The one who took me on a journey, Alice.
    The one to teach, forgive and heal, you Alice.
    You Alice in Wonderland, wont you come Alice?
    From your tea parties, talking flowers and stories.
    Wallow in the nonsense no longer Alice.
    This is all i want Alice, the truth Alice.
    To escape the queen, For you know she taunts your head.
    You alice, the person to take me in a maze and back out, Alice.
    The person to judge, the person to care, yes you.
    The person who cares about a disconnected world, oh Alice.
    Person who connects the disconnected, The person to fix my pieces and not her own.
    I could not get you out of my head, Alice.
    Go home Alice, We're safe.

    Goodbye Alice.