• [Verse 1]
    You sit there waiting,
    The Earth falls beneath you,
    and you have a clear view,
    of when your life, began to fray.
    You're caught in the squall
    You're braced for the fall,
    The earth's coming fast,
    You hope it won't last.
    With these angel wings,
    I have strength unfading,
    with them I won't fall.
    I'll spead my wings,
    When your hopes are fleeting,
    and save you from it all.
    [Verse 2]
    You're flying high now,
    With my solemn vow,
    That you will never fall.
    Guarded by moonlight,
    I'll be your white knight,
    Whenever you may call.
    [Outro (spoken)]
    I'll help you ride above the clouds,
    Living life again,
    Lighter than air you'll fly,
    Falling never crossing your mind,
    Letting cares go, I'll be...
    Your Angel