• Tears hugs and goodbyes
    promises to keep our friendship
    and watching as it all turns to lies

    how could you leave me behind?
    cant you see how much i miss you?
    are you really that blind?

    slowly our friendship begins to fade
    we used to be so close
    i really wish you could have stayed

    to you im just a distant thought
    but i wont forget anything we went through,
    not even the times we fought

    you used to be my best friend
    i thought we could make it through anything
    up until the end

    but i guess these thoughts were wrong
    your gone now
    and this isnt where you belong

    from these memories ill never lose my grip
    every day we spent together
    these thoughts will never slip

    this will be the last time I cry
    your gone forever
    this will be our last goodbye