• In the dark depths of woe
    The throbbing of a repulsed heart
    Pulsating... and
    'Tis a life of the foiled!
    This expression I behold upon my face,
    That of which, acts as a veneer,
    Deceives all.

    O! Why hast thou transgressed my right
    To ascertain all knowledge?
    I beseech you
    To circumvent your malevolent ways
    And desist from desecrating the divine mind
    Which my cranium beholds;
    Bereft of ecstasy.

    Why must thou bring forth
    This gratuitous berating
    Of my permeated thoughts
    Of captivating the luminous faces you taught?
    How quaint.
    The usurping of the higher role
    By none other than the admirer.
    Please, push aside your obstinacy
    And understand my agile refute was not of my intent
    To neglect your hallowed rank.

    'Tis a sad thing you are not known
    For having leniency upon others.
    'Twas your ornate outburst that has validated my previous statement.
    That salient sneer surpasses that of Lucifer's.
    This continuous attitude has deterred
    Any possible understanding betwixt us.
    My limit of compassion has passed.
    This writhing anguish you've put me through is torment enough!

    You! Contentious Monster!
    One of who elicits my petulance.
    You're the borne travesty of my hate.
    My hate you've underestimated
    Is soon to reciprocate
    For your nefarious actions
    Acted upon only
    By jealousy and demeaning embarrassment.