• You may say that my heart is cold
    That I make you cry;all the time
    But come on
    Don't tell me that's not you

    You insist that you're the leader
    With the crowd that follows you
    But don't you know I live my own life?

    And the way you pretend to act;
    Well I'm through with that

    Because I know who you are;
    What you
    How you
    Like you
    Do you
    And I know who you pretend to be;
    All sweet
    'Bout me
    But please
    Now you

    Do you see why life is hard without you?
    Sometimes my heart aches
    Sometimes it breaks
    But, well
    It's easier than being with you

    The tears
    I cry
    They're tears of joy
    And as I see you in the halls...
    With your clones following behind...
    I look up on life
    Just believing
    That I'm above you