• I found out,
    When I was ten,
    That love was
    Like a donut.
    It looked sweet,
    And safe,
    On the glazed outside,
    But once you got
    To the center,
    The icky, bitter
    Cream spewed out,
    I tossed it away
    Without a second thought,
    That was love at ten.

    I found out,
    When I was eleven,
    That love was
    Like a Bubble Yum,
    I would savor it
    For hours,
    Upon hours,
    But I always knew,
    That after that
    Sweet burst
    Of feelings at
    The beginning,
    It would always
    Wear out
    With Time,
    That was love at eleven.

    I found out,
    When I was twelve,
    That love was
    Like Cotton Candy,
    It was huge and
    Never sour,
    And plentiful as air,
    But suddenly,
    It would
    Evaporate into a sweet nothing,
    As soon as my lips
    Grazed the cloud
    Of sugar,
    That was love at twelve.

    I found out,
    When I was thirteen,
    That love was
    Like a giant bag
    Of pretzels,
    That I never could
    Get enough of,
    Their salty,
    Upbeat taste,
    That made me
    Grin and smile,
    And they scarcely
    Seemed to run out,
    That was love at thirteen,

    I found out,
    That love was
    A sweet mix
    Of everything,
    It all came down
    To what I
    And that was love,
    And probably

    Man, Am I Hungry…