• With your kiss lingering so close to my lips, it just never seems to reach.
    Evey time i see you, my heart heart pumps so hard i think it might just breech,
    from the cage i put it in so many years ago,
    i threw away the key so i didn't feel the sorrow,
    a one sided affair that i never did let go of,
    the feeling i feel is so strong there needs to be a better word besides love,
    cant you tell im dieing,
    im trying to get you to notice me, i tell you im trying!!!
    but all you seem to do is smile upon the pain i sit in,
    loving you was too much like a sin,
    you where my drug and i got addicted,
    this love i felt was the only thing that needed to be convicted,
    so as i fade away into the life i used to have with out you,
    all i want to know, is did you ever feel th same way? did you ever want to reach out ad ask if i even had a clue,
    about how much you loved me,
    as i leave i need to know, would you ever have said it back when i said i love you?