• Forever I am in this eternal cascade of darkness,
    Of horror and apprehension...
    I don’t even recognize what’s real…
    And I can’t suffer a thing...

    This darkness which consumes my soul is controlling,
    I remember feeling like this before,
    So self-doubting and so frightened…

    Will my scars ever fully mend?
    All I know is that I am trapt.
    Eternally trapt.
    Can you even hear me calling for you?
    Do you hear me scream out your name into the darkness?

    I suppose I’m suffocating,
    But I can’t be sure,
    And this sensation from my chest,
    Am I bleeding?
    Will I ever be free…?
    Falling deeper and deeper into this pit of Despair…

    Will I ever be free?
    Not without you here beside me,
    Not if you cannot hear my screams,
    Not if you cannot sense my pain and run to my side,
    Without you I am this obscurity, this darkness,
    I am this pit of despair of horror and apprehension,
    I am this feeling of self-doubt and fright,

    I lay me down to slumber,
    But your reflection gives my dream world luminosity never before revealed,
    You, my dreamer, my sonador,
    My heart.
    Only with you am I free…

    maybe one day ill be free again...with him...