• Loud I call,
    But you are gone,
    So I search,
    In a moonlit haze.
    But who took you,
    Will take me too,
    In the dephts,
    Of my heartless soul.

    An Angel of death,
    Hunts far and wide,
    In the desolate desert,
    Of my shattered mind.
    My shadow grows longer,
    My hatred soars strong,
    The time is coming,
    Death is chanting its song.

    My spirit is weary,
    So I draw out my blade,
    A twilight dream,
    That shimmers in the night,
    Like the pale chalky light,
    Of the moon.
    It cuts away the shadows,
    The hatred and rage,
    Leaving me alone,
    In these isolated plains.

    My time has come,
    But I am not glum,
    For as I know,
    This is what I want.
    He is here,
    Death has come,
    With a sythe in hand,
    And eyes filled with lust.

    But he cannot take me,
    He says I'm not real,
    With no heart or soul,
    Relif will never be in my grip.
    I am a shell,
    My feelings don't exist,
    But I was once real,
    Until you found pain.

    I realise now,
    That I will never be gone,
    Because I am here,
    To carry your pain on.
    I was once you,
    But not anymore,
    Because even though I'm not real,
    And I don't belong,
    It is I that is here,
    And it is you that is gone.