• like the flight of the bird,
    flowing through the night sky.
    forever flowing in the sunlight,
    seeping through the cold moonlight.

    it passes through the soul,
    through the oak trees and silent waters.
    it passes through the spiritual places,
    to the ghastly graveyards.

    it sees through everything,
    yet it is nothing.

    felt like a warm touch like a mother's love,
    it is also felt like a wrath of God from heaven above.

    it carries messages of sorrow, hope and happiness,
    it carries the weight of the clouds on its shoulders
    yet it feels nothing.

    there is something that relieves us of the sorrow that we always endure in everyday life.
    its as though we are wind swept and we are paid for our sins.
    its as though everything came to be,
    With His help, we were given a second chance, to be in his place.
    Like the Wind utterly traveling all over the world, ready to reach out the people who are in dying need and in the arms of the evil.
    ready to defend and forgive. utterly flowing, yet invisible, invincible.