• emo On first you make me see...That I can love you till then...
    But now you make me realize...That love doesn't have a one word.. emo

    heart Love does make you realize..That your not alone...But at the end..
    You'll also realize..That it is better not to love someone.... heart

    confused I ask you once, I said, is there any love left...You replied to me..You said yes...
    But in your eyes...You told me that you can't love me anymore..... sad

    neutral Am i wrong..For loving you..For giving my whole life just to make you see that you love me... neutral

    emo sad Do i did something wrong...To deserve the pain you leave in my heart... neutral confused

    cry I love you more than i could..I give you my all..But did you realize it before? Did you ever knew it? Have you ever appreciated it?..Yes, I understand that you don't..But beside of all this pain..Why did you leave me like this..Just like the tears falling through your eyes....You let it flow..But cant even wipe it... cry confused

    cry emo I asked God..Do i really need to suffer this pain...He didn't reply..But i knew it myself..That loving you was just a trick...A pain that i scattered in my heart.... cry emo