• The wet moister on my cheek felt cold as
    the breeze blew by it. I sat on my porch
    with my legs up, my arms wrapped around
    them, my head on my knees, my heart
    getting heavier as I thought about him. The
    one my heart reached out for, the one who
    I missed so much, the one who I loved and
    he loved me back. Everytime I thought about
    him I would think of the happiest moments I
    had with him but then drown at the last memories
    where I was forced to let go of his hand and be
    drivin away never being able to say goodbye. My
    parents would sometimes notice me staring at
    nothing, not being able to talk, not being able to
    look them in the eye and tell them what was wrong.
    Just blank, emotionless, tears forming in my eyes.
    But they could tell why I was like that so I wouldn't
    bother telling them to hurt them for what they have
    done to me. As I thought all these things my heart
    still acked, tears still come down my cheek, many
    emotions, me missing him every second I thought
    of him.