• The Innocence of the Child

    From the first giggle, I knew
    A certain quality was in every child
    That left a faint twinkling hue
    In their eye, no matter how mild

    When a mere toddler of four
    Sees an old man alone on the street
    They will gladly make his spirits soar
    Just by giving him their last treat

    The innocence of children is such a wonder
    Just looking into their eyes,
    You can't really think everything has gone a sunder
    And you just want to give them all the more happy sighs

    No matter how sad you may be
    That sweet little boy will make it better
    With a smile and the key
    To his secret code letter

    When they run off to play
    It makes any human being
    Melt and hear themselves say,
    'I will make sure I can continue seeing
    Their joy, so I will keep the monsters at bay.'

    Tell me,
    When you see a baby
    Do you think that in all their glee
    The future of the world is only a maybe?

    In all their innocence,
    We as a race find hope
    In a world of acceptance
    And many more years that can cope
    With our presence