• part 1

    theres an unknown angel out there
    she once had a group of friends but then in a few days when she was gone they didnt know who she was
    she felt heart broken and unloved
    she cried herself to sleep and dreamed only nightmares
    only a few would answer her calls and those were her true friends that kept her smiling everyday and made her nightmares turn into a dream of happiness
    she doesnt forgive but only forgets
    her pain lives in her but she blocks it out
    rainclouds turn to sunshine and the grass became greener
    not another person could strike her spirit down

    part 2

    the days came by
    her happiness lasted forever
    no pain came through her
    everytime she had problem her friends were there for her
    her heart was pumping and was filled full of love
    everyday her hopes rised like tides on a shore
    but suddetly she realized something
    that she didnt only need friends but she also needed self confidence

    part 3

    this time its bad
    the angel has messed up her hope and love
    her friends leave her and shes left in the dark
    her halo turns into horns and her wings fall
    she cries every night instead of praying
    her dreams come back to nightmares
    and the sun stops shining
    the ocean stops flowing
    the plants die
    and noone bothers to look at her
    a thunder storm stays over her head
    days go by and shes still in the dark
    she doesnt bother to talk anymore or move much
    she tries to kill herself but she remembers shes already dead
    which made the days more depressing
    she doesnt think she has a chance for another friendship
    an old friend of her's said to her
    "dont get close to friends because they will move away before you know it"

    part 4

    she meets her old friends
    they discuss their old friendship
    as the days go by they get closer and closer and become friends once again
    the sky once again returns to normal
    and she feels alive again
    but after the days they dscussed and then argued they couldn't control their anger at each other anymore so they went at it
    they fought mentally and physically
    they couldn't stop
    and the heart was hurting mroe than the hits
    then god came
    and had to punish them
    but the unknown angel was sorry for doing her deed
    so she said the whole thing was her fault and her friend had to protect herself
    so god had banished the angel from the heavens and was sent to hell
    she was furious but didnt regret her lie
    she cared inside and that was it
    she knew she couldnt hold a grudge but do the right thing instead

    part 5

    she went to hell and she was the only light there
    but she only had a little lgiht left
    she felt scared and cold in the dark
    tears ran down her cheek as she looks up at the sky for her final goodbye to heaven