• Oh Sh!t, Do We Have A Surprise For You!

    I feel the rush cresting over me
    Like catching an invisible wave
    Ride the smooth current
    Can you taste the salt?
    The inspiration floods to me in eddies
    The warm breath on my neck
    The cold fingers on my chest
    I need this now, more than ever before
    Or so I'd like to think...

    Turn the keys and start the engine
    To my emotions, cause I know you can, baby.
    There's nothing holding us back right now
    But the water in between us and the shore
    Like five A.M. with the boards in the surf.

    Our bodies separate a moment as you release my collar.
    The bed seems so close, and so far away.
    Will we make it there?
    It seems like an eternity has passed since we entered this room,
    Cold and salty from our morning run.
    The heat from each other was the only way to warm up, you said
    And who was I to argue?
    The sheets haven't been pulled, no, we're too busy for that.
    As our lips connect, the world is lost to us
    In the roar of the waves outside.

    Can you feel my heartbeat?
    Because I can feel yours.
    It flutters lightly, but moves fast.
    Forget our old lives and live in an Atlantic dream.