• She grabs his hand, drags him away
    Taking him to their secret place
    Her mom's at work
    Dad's watchin' the game
    She's running off
    'fore he calls her name

    He runs along, follows her lead
    Honestly, he's happy to leave
    His mom's been dead
    Dad is away
    He's running off
    plans on leaving today

    They both sit down
    across from the streem
    listening to the sound
    of the rustling trees

    The tears in his eyes
    He tries to hold back
    While hers slowly fall
    and land with a splash

    As they head home
    He holds her hand
    The sun sets slowly
    Pinkish light covers the land

    "I'll be back for you"
    He promises as they reach her door
    "Give me a year
    Not a second more"

    After a year
    He still hasn't come
    She's feeling stupid
    For holding on for so long

    There's a knock on her door
    Her heart skips a beat
    'cause there's a familiar car
    parked across the street

    She runs out her door
    tears flooding her cheeks
    He holds out his arms
    There's no need to speak

    They hold eachother
    And walk toward his car
    He starts the engine
    And they drive away in the dark