• Mmm...
    That sweet smell.
    It smells like i remember it.
    Not quite sure from where.

    Its not like everyday lemonade.
    It has a sweeter, more succulent taste.
    I ask, how long can you put on this facade?
    He stares, unsure how to answer.

    I say, Lemonade is to be sweet but sour.
    He simply keeps on staring.
    I ask, do you speak english?
    He nods, his face uncaring.

    Why don't you answer me? I ask.
    He replies, I do not know.
    I say, how long can you keep trying?
    To put on this riduculous show?

    He stares at me in wonder.
    And then he starts to laugh.
    Because he is my brother,
    and brought lemonade to me in my spa-bath.