• "I do not write fairie tales," she wrote on the blackboard wall
    One hundred times, a thousand times
    "I read them and thats all!"
    Teacher, teacher! I raised my hand,
    But you did not call
    If she doesn't write the fairie tales
    Who will? Who will? You're wrong!
    "I will write the fairy tales," teacher said,
    Big and tall,
    "Yes, I will write the fairy tales,
    I will write them all!"
    Teacher turned her back to me,
    But my hand was still in the air!
    Teacher, teacher, I raised my hand
    But you didn't seem to care
    Is it really all my fault,
    Then? Your lesson
    Didn't sink in at all!
    I simply didn't comprehend
    Why you were best for the job
    And I still dont really understand
    How you know what is best for me
    When you couldn't bother to turn around
    And explain the rules to me!
    But I dont need your stories
    And since no one else would dare
    So now I write my own faerie tales
    Yes, I will write them
    So there!