• Once again, a pen down on paper
    My own little journal of how I can't look at her
    Her, in the mirror
    And how I hate her so
    For every little thing
    She's ever done wrong
    And every little thing
    She's ever done to me
    Ruining my happy ending
    Ruining my fantasy
    Ruining my smile
    Ruining the cheerful me.
    Stabbing me in the back
    Then turning around and saying nothing
    I hate you,
    I hate you so.
    What did I do to diserve this treatment?
    Your sick little mind that twists and turns
    Thinking up another way to make my heart burn
    You have no soul, you have no weakness
    Your feelings are raw, your eyes are filled with darkness
    Why must you pick and torture
    On the innocent me?
    Why must you play your sick games
    Can it really be?
    Your face starts to finally appear
    And as I stare
    I drop down to the ground
    Pick up the gun
    Load it up, and take one shot
    The past flys by, like slow construction
    When I finally realize...
    It was Me who did all this destruction.