• There's this feeling when I walk I feel a bit free

    Then I start to run through the ghosts and trees,

    As I go through they whisper something I can't make out

    Then I start to sprint and it all begins.

    When I sprint I start to fly

    High enough to touch the northern lights and infinite sky,

    To be a part of the sun, mist, and stars

    I'm want to play on the moons afar.

    But as I finally start my fall

    Everything I've seen ravels up in a ball,

    It all lurches inside me and suddenly I'm slowed

    But I crash to the ground like a meteor and everything explodes.

    I blink a few times so my vision returns

    Then a feeling inside starts to unceasingly burned,

    Cringing without the feeling of flight

    I will decide to lay under the stars without a fight.

    It's not enough though and I cry out

    Not a soul can hear my shout,

    After the screams I become completely sane

    Something inside me has completely changed.

    I hear a sound finally beckon back

    It's a flute with a feeling so black,

    My brain refuses but my heart is to strong

    I go to the sound that I've needed for long.

    I traveled to where the sound has came

    There was nothing there and it all started to fade,

    I left trying to sprint once again

    But no feeling returned there was nothing to send.

    I just got exhausted and finally collapsed

    I closed my eyes completely at last,

    No more clean air to breathe and I know what was whispered

    The ghosts and trees whispered "Death."