• Later Jesse - Brady Buckman

    We've had a lot of fun,
    but we're not even done.
    Why'd ya gotta go,
    leavin' me with all these hoes?
    No you have to stay,
    can't leave until I say!!

    All the good times we've had,
    at your home nobody answered but your dad!
    All those chats we had,
    about all the things that made us mad.

    Hey, bro,
    you can't go!!
    Not until the fun is over,
    you're like my four-leaf clover!!
    Sit your a** down in that chair,
    and remember when the girls talked about your hair!

    All the bad times we've had,
    when we pwned each other at Halo 3 really bad.
    All the times we chilled,
    It felt like we were getting billed!

    Sit, stay, and lay, Jesse,
    So I can hit you with some confettie!!
    In these final moments,
    remember when we made fun of the Brothers Jonas.
    We were supposed to be the next Tenacious D,
    we can't do that if it's just me!!

    Everyday was just the same way,
    you can't leave until I say you may!!
    Just remember to write,
    let's never get into fights.

    You're my bro,
    go on just go.
    My eyes are filling with tears,
    c'mon go before everybody hears.
    I'm gonna miss you man,
    and remember I was your greatest fan.