• Clouds and unfamiliar rain linger on the other side of the wall,
    When the song sings and he wakes to a false hope of happiness.
    He asks him self,
    Only to see the walls of dissapointment once again.
    The walls that have become not a freedom that he once thought,
    But a self contained prison that he can't escape.
    A prison that stops him from being happy,
    That stops him from, seeing her.
    Yet he doesnt attemp to escape,
    Become free from himself.

    He goes on with his life in hell,
    Just to do what the wise tell him he must.
    What he does not believe in is becoming all that he truly is.
    Working through every day only to hear her voice,
    The voice that gives him insperation,
    The voice that gives him life.
    Untill he see's her smiling face,
    And even through the rain, the sun shines,
    Forever in his heart.