• As fluid as a mercury ghost the memories of our emotions
    Seep stealthy into the sleepers dream like molten wonder
    Silent to the futility we continue to traverse these oceans
    Where from age to age in legend only do we find our land
    I am scared of this empty everything filled with nothing
    And I miss you

    Haunting the siren melody tapped into existent pulse
    Sickening the frozen stance we surrender to by nightfall
    Locked hateful and loving in the embrace of longing
    Decay slowly grows beneath the surface to taste it all
    In the silence of contentment I remember your every word
    And I miss you

    Where blood carries the soul anger finds purchase and prey
    Driven ever deeper into our minds the denial of deceit
    Winter slides into the heart and breeds the waking wolves
    Devourers of our lies and feeders of our faithless feat
    I smile as I face the oncoming slaughter hunting me
    And I miss you

    I finally now have come to consider that I created only chaos
    Ignorant, naive, and stupid I gave life to this disaster
    Destroying my own ability to resist the pain I could breed
    Tormented by the slow infection, I almost wish it were faster
    I'm not afraid of the end result of a loser's game anymore
    But I miss you.