• True strength comes from within
    True friendship never ends
    True love never dies
    Just like the stars twinkle in the skies
    Even though you’re always there
    Growling or smiling and ruffling my hair
    I find myself always wishing for
    The unexpected times you showed up at my door
    You were the very first friend I found
    You showed me how to live life all around
    Our days together seem to dwindle fast
    So let’s live each moment as though it’s our last
    And when I’m gone and not coming back
    Remember that I will always bleed black
    Yes you heard me right
    As I whisper to the night
    I bleed black
    Not from the red that I lack
    But rather because I am who I am
    Rather because I find that I can
    I bleed black
    My vulpine smile was only an act
    To everyone else – I seemed to be happy
    But you know the truth: you know the real me
    So as I leave like a silent cat
    Always remember – I bleed black