• I wish I was human
    I wish I was more than an imitation
    I wish I was more human, than human
    but that’s beyond my limitation
    I'm a monster in human flesh

    I've come for your soul
    nothing you can do
    nothing you can say

    I'll kill you anyway

    I drink your soul
    just before I break your skull

    I steal your life
    Just before I kill your wife

    I'll kill you in your dreams
    Just before you scream

    I'm a pinnacle of perfection
    beyond all human perception
    I make an art of desecration
    beyond all human expectation
    I complete my works with lacerations

    I walk through the dead of night
    None can face my might
    Your blood, my sacred right
    No one can put up a fight
    My iron grip’s to tight

    I feel beyond all human feeling
    I feel alone in this flawed perfection
    No one but me…
    In all eternity