• Blue gray rainy day
    A dark cloud ate the sun
    Leavening not a single ray
    Walking alone was never fun

    I didn’t have anything
    To protect me from the rain
    The palms of my hands still sting
    I let everything stay the same

    Even if it was an illusion I didn’t care
    You were smiling at me
    In a dream that’s delicate and rare
    A dream that’s only mine to see

    The clouds left in time for night
    Leaving only the moon and sky
    The moon with its silver light
    I thought of you not knowing why

    Red orange fall day
    The trees the color of flame
    Such a beautiful array
    No two colors were the same

    Not having anyone
    To enjoy the colors with
    I thought I could still have fun
    Thinking that company was a myth

    I didn’t care if it was a dream
    You held me tight
    Things were better than they seemed
    I felt safe from the night

    The sun had gone to the other side
    The stars and moon were mine once more
    I wanted you there, but I wanted to hide
    I just stood there letting the wind touch my core

    Sparkling blue crystal sky
    A veil of diamonds covers all
    Sometimes I’m so happy I cry
    Feeling warm even behind a winter wall

    I have you and only you
    To keep me from the cold
    Now the new happy color is blue
    As long as I have you to hold

    Dreams can come true
    Even while your still sleeping
    If only I knew
    What I was missing

    A curtain of night fell over day
    Our two shadows together became only one
    Under the vast universe loving in our own way
    I can’t help but think something wonderful has begun